The boys spent a weekend in the big town. They enjoyed the nightlife and spent the night in a youth hostel. Soren was always curious about Axel,but never dared to ask him about sex or so. This time asking was not needed – it just developed…. Join today!

<meaty>Miguel</strong> has the romantic idea of becoming a cowboy one time this stud is back home in South America. I'm sure it remains a dream,but for now we share his dream and picture him as the cowboy he craves to be. YOU can't say no once you look into his warm eyes, can you? Signup now!

I met Graham at the Marina adoring a very priceless yacht. This chab immediately asked if this is mine, but I was just adoring it as well. We went for a drink to discover out if he desires to do images being a Sailor Boy. Yep. He can’t live without everything about sailing and he is marvelous cute as well. Join this day!

Andre is always top fit. Harry wants him to show how this is done. So they meet in the gym room and do workout. After a during the time that Harry is more interested in Andre and it becomes a different kind of training… Join right now!

Florian and Harry used that place before. This time they invited Nathan to show him something while they were just lookingfor a place to have sex with him. Nathan didn't mind as this dude thinks about sex all the time anyway…. Finally there was a kind of cocksucking competition going on :-) Signup now!


Axel hasn't done his homework. Anew! So the teacher orders him to rework. Afterhours at school as detention. He wasn't too glad about it until he got the idea to do what u normally can't do at school. Hopefully the teacher stays away for a while… Join this day!

Akilo thought doing boy photography is a precious way to watch precious looking boys and getting into contact with the majority appealing ones. Andre was the candidate of his choice. It didn't take long until just watching throughout the camera lens wasn't enough and he rather took part in the action. He just loved it. And we love him for exactly those habbits… Join today!

What can you do with a plush Easter Bunny? Well… "fuck it" – that's what Axel thought. During the time that this chap made all kinds of nonsense with it – it did come to an useful ending ;-) YOU can tell he only had that in his mind throughout the time… Join today!

Nathan is almost any excellent friends with Kay. This guy desires Bobby, but Bobby craves Kay. Does Kay need to be hidden, so Bobby doesn't getjealous? Nathan doesn't wish to be caught "in the act", he thinks… Watch how the situation develops. Join this day!

Cosimo used to do Judo lessons a few years agone. Here this man shows Florian interesting ways to get closer during Judo workouts. During all this wrestling on the floor they enjoy the body contacts greater quantity and greater amount. After a while they forget about Judo and focus only on every others body and all that… Join now!