Harry and Florian are best friends and spend lots of time jointly. This time they have some fun with their indoor basin. Tons of splishing and splashing, showing each others butt gap (and who has the widest), comparing ramrods (yes Florian has the larger one), they do teasing and fighting, kissing and caressing and never run out of fresh ideas worth a try.Even Florian's feet look so nice-looking on Harry's face…They loved it (and we also :-) Join right now!


This is Ninos idea of how to appear at school and how to behave at school. A very different idea of what a school normally should be. Maybe this is hisway of revenge for all he had to acquire along with… Join right now!


Nino's thing is Skateboarding. That guy knows anything about it and feels all into it. Very different to this photo shooting. That was all new to him. Youcan watch his curious look during the time that doing this the first time. After the "shooting" you can watch the relieve in his face. He'll come afresh if somebody wants him to… Join this day!

Kurt can’t live without beefy boys. This guy was very lustful when we said him Kalle is interested in some act with him. He was already dreaming of it. Watch how it went on… Signup now!

During a teasing conversation Axel said "…you can taste my backside…". Wayne was instantly willing for it. He thought since quite awhile about getting layed with Axel and this felt like the perfect chance. Axel didn't think Wayne was actually serious and therefore acceded. Well…he was serious. He seems to like it a lot… Join right away!

Kurt and Silas 1st met in our Studio and they didn’t know what to say – at 1st. At one point our daredevil Silas mentioned he likes his wang sucked. That broke the ice and Kurt said this chab can’t live out of to engulf dong. It was not planned that way, but they just now started the show and our camera was willing anyway. Here we go…. Join today!

Wayne is a volunteer at the local fire brigade. This is where he got his 1st experiences. There was rarely any fire emergency, but a lot of time to kill. That guy was very popular among his firemen pals. This chab just loves to be a firemen ;-) Signup now!

Kurt is visited by Santa Clause and he feels very cheerful. It turns out to be Axel with another Santa Clause between his legs.Kurts present is to do soever he can’t live without to. So he sucks and rimms and even licks his feet and so… …Santa Clause is actually cummin' this time ;-) Join right away!

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